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Contingent Recruitment


Unlock Talent without Risk: Cornerstone Global HR's Contingent Recruitment Solution

Contingent Recruitment Service is a flexible and risk-free approach to talent acquisition, perfectly tailored for companies with near-term hiring requirements.

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About Service:

This service is designed to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses that do not want to commit to the full financial burden of hiring a dedicated recruiter.

With Contingent Recruitment, you have the advantage of engaging a specialized recruitment agency, to identify and attract top-quality candidates for your open positions. The process works on a commission-based model, where you only pay us when they successfully place a new employee in your company. This means you bear no financial risk upfront, ensuring that your recruitment investment aligns with actual results.

Why chose Contingent Recruitment Service?

The benefits of our Contingent Recruitment Service include:

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