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Discover how Cornerstone Global HR is helping others like you

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Discover how Ontop increased their revenue by adding an EOR service.


Learn how Simplified Imports & Exports grew it's international team with our Employer of Record services

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Start Date: March 22
Before: 0 full-time employees 
Timeline: 1 month to 1st hire and growing constantly


“We now have more revenue and don’t depend only on one product"

Cornerstone Global HR has given us experience, great hiring times, quality, amazing service ”

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Camila Cortés
Product Owner

As a hiring solutions provider, Ontop was only hiring contractors  and helping clients with a payroll manager.  They wanted  to offer more services to prevent missclassification, increase revenue and dont' depend only on one or two products. Ontop needed a reliable local partner in Mexico to offer Employer of Record Services to their clients.


Partnering with Cornerstone Global HR allowed Ontop to offer thier clients full time employees in Mexico without having to set up a legal entity.


Full Compliance
By owning our own legal entity in Mexico and working with carefully selected partners in more than 15 countries in Latin America, we guarantee a maximum level of compliance

Affordable Growth
Growing your team internationally is not only possible but suprisingly affordable. We work on a monthly per employee flat fee basis. No deposits, no hidden fees, no surprises.

Big Savings on Payroll Costs
Save up to 60% on payroll costs by hiring talent in more than 15 countries in Latin America.

Forget HR Functions
From recruitment of candidates, hiring, setting up payroll, taxes, benefits to HR management, we take care of everything. Let our experts ease you from the HR burden

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