Our 3 step process will let you build a remote team from scratch in no time


1.- Candidate Profiling

Our expert recruiters will chat with you in order to have a better understanding of your company and your specific needs. A profile will be developed that will help us find the ideal candidate.

Job Interview

2.- Recruitment and selection process

Next we will publish your position, network through associations, referrals, and engage in proactive recruiting.

Candidates will be screened through a comprehensive process that includes psychometric, skills, ethic and integrity tests, background and reference check and competency based interviews.

Once we find candidates that suit the profile, we will arrange interviews with you.

3.- Hiring and Onboarding
After you choose on the candidate we will take care of the hiring process which fully complies with the Mexican labor law.

Our team will facilitate a smooth onboarding process that ensures the new employee follows all the necessary steps to start working.

Your new employee can work from home or in our state-of-the-art office facilites.

At the Office
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