What does your all-in-one service include?

Our all-in-one service means you don’t have to worry about the process. From profiling, recruitment, selection, hiring, payrolling and onboarding of your employee, we take care of everything.

How long does the hiring process take?

Once we have a clear vision of your specific needs, the process of recruiting and selecting candidates for you to interview will approximately 2-3 weeks.

Will our employee have benefits?

Yes. All employees are hired fully complying with the Mexican labor law. This means they will have full benefits such as  healthcare, pension, leave time, Christmas bonus and insurance. The hourly price includes them all.

Will I be able to select my employee?

Sure! We will pre-screen several applicants and select 2 -3 candidates for you to interview and decide.

Will I pay you in US Dollars?

Yes. We will invoice you in USD from our US based company.

Will my employee work from home?

Your employee can work from home or in our state-of-the-art office facilities.

What happens if my employee leaves or he/she is not fulfilling my expectations?

In any case we will replace him or her approximately 2-3 weeks.

Am I liable under the Mexican labor law?

No. Your employee is hired in our Mexican company which fully complies with the Mexican labor law and is legally responsible for the employee. You have no liabilities.

My we establish office hours for our employee to correspond with ours?


Do your process is legally compliant?

Yes. Our ISO9001-2005 certified process obliges us to maintain employment regulatory compliance.

Does your company have any certifications?

We do. We are certified in ISO9001-2005 and NOM025 Labor equality and non-discrimination.



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